Hey. Hey.

I woke up this morning to 10+ text messages from a friend.


My Life is Deaf.



What happens when your university knows that you’re deaf?

You get these emails like this all the time.


My Life is Deaf.

Like the Prius?

Another throwback story.

When I was a freshman, I was on my University’s club frisbee team.

I was still getting to know the rest of the players in the first few weeks. I greeted one of them, and said, “Hi I’m Jordan, what’s your name?”

He responded: “Nice to meet you, my name’s Prius.”

I like to make sure I get people’s name right, so I either repeat it back or relate it to a famous person’s name.

So I said, “Oh Prius, like the car?”

His reaction.


He then said under his breath, “…. yeah.”

I didn’t know what to say after that, so I just awkwardly stayed quiet and went on with the frisbee practice.

My Life is Deaf.


A month or so ago I was hanging out in front of a mexican food restaurant on a Friday Night.

A guy had just punched another guy in the face, but things quickly broke up and the guys went on their respective directions. I was with a friend, and she was talking to one of the mexican food restaurant’s employees that had come outside.

The employee: “akl;dfjsl;kasdbg aklsjdf a;lksdjf adklfhas ljkdfj” (in case you can’t tell, right here I didn’t understand her.)

So I lean in closer to hopefully understand them better.

My Friend: “Yeah sdsalkfj nasdkl he shouldn’t have done fksdafj”

So I assumed she had said something like, “Yeah he shouldn’t have done that. It was ridiculous.”

I jump in. “Yeah I know, it doesn’t make sense for him to have done that.”

They both look at me. Then they look at each other and chuckled a little.

My Friend: “You didn’t understand what we were saying did you?”

Me: “Uh… I thought I did…”

She chuckled again. “We were speaking in Spanish.”



My Life is Deaf.


A friend of mine just asked me to her sorority formal. She posted this picture on Facebook tonight with the best caption for it.


Pretty awesome.

My Life is Deaf.

TSA Drugs

I was at the airport Hawaii flying back home to California two nights ago.

I had just gone through security and I was waiting for a pat-down. (I have to get a pat-down every time I go through security since my whole cochlear implant metalness sets off the metal detector).

The TSA guy starts to give me the usual speech, “I’m going to be checking most of your body with my hands, and then I will use the back of my hands for your buttock and groin area and I’m only saying all of this shit so you don’t sue TSA for sexual harassment.”

Then right before he starts the pat down, he turns around and then says, “Are you doing any drugs?”

Uhm. Okay.


Here I literally just stay silent. I don’t even answer him. Just in case it wasn’t what he actually said.



I see him start to take off his latex gloves. It was at that moment I realized what he actually said.

TSA: “I’m going to change my gloves.”

My Life is Deaf.