Alex is my roommate in SF. We live in an apartment building.

Alex: “Do you ever hear our neighbors?”

Me: “Which ones?”

Alex: “Both. Above us and below us. The girls upstairs wear heels all the time and its so annoying.”

Me: “Oh yeah I’ve heard them upstairs. I’ve must have gotten used to it though. Did you get used to it?”

Alex: “What? Are you serious? Absolutely not. I hear it all the fucking time.”

Me: hehehehe

Alex: “Do you also hear Steve downstairs?”

Me: “… no?”

Alex: “Omg he MOANS all the time. I thought he was having sex all the time but now I don’t think so. Because its like every morning, afternoon and night. And during the night. Like anything happens he just goes ‘UGHHHHHHHHHH’.”

Me: “Sorry dude that sucks for you.”


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