TSA Drugs

I was at the airport Hawaii flying back home to California two nights ago.

I had just gone through security and I was waiting for a pat-down. (I have to get a pat-down every time I go through security since my whole cochlear implant metalness sets off the metal detector).

The TSA guy starts to give me the usual speech, “I’m going to be checking most of your body with my hands, and then I will use the back of my hands for your buttock and groin area and I’m only saying all of this shit so you don’t sue TSA for sexual harassment.”

Then right before he starts the pat down, he turns around and then says, “Are you doing any drugs?”

Uhm. Okay.


Here I literally just stay silent. I don’t even answer him. Just in case it wasn’t what he actually said.



I see him start to take off his latex gloves. It was at that moment I realized what he actually said.

TSA: “I’m going to change my gloves.”

My Life is Deaf.


4 thoughts on “TSA Drugs

  1. It sets off the detector? Really? Mine never do. On a related note, in Hawaii, I kept getting my hands swabbed for dangerous materials because I had scary things on my ears (the implants).

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