Experience Being Deaf!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be deaf and be completely clueless of what everyone is saying?

Ever wondered what it’s like to hear nothing but absolute jibberish for minutes on end?

Now is your only chance!

Just go to this video and click play!

Password for the video?


Bonus Story:

Isaac recorded this video and uploaded it for me. I was at work when he finally sent me the link to the video.

I was being very sneaky and put on my headphones and started the video. I noticed it was super quiet and I couldn’t hear it.

So, I kept turning up the volume.

Halfway through the video I noticed that my coworker, Dexter, was walking over towards me.

I stopped the video, and put down my headphones.

He then stands next to me.

Dexter: “What’s up?”

Me: “Just working on an email. You?”

Dexter: “Nice…. your sound is coming through your computer speakers.” and started walking away.

[insert ironic deaf jokes here. ]

My Life is (really) Deaf.


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